Acne can cause and leave behind serious damage and scars, with the right severity. Fortunately, even when the skin is scarred from acne there is an opportunity to reverse the tides. While there are several treatment options available, a few specific treatments can reverse the signs of scars and heal the skin.

Fade Cream and Cortisone

If your skin is red and swollen, then use a cortisone cream to help calm it. Cortisone is absorbed through skin cells and reduces inflammation almost immediately. Another advantage is that many over-the-counter acne repair creams contain cortisone, so you don’t need a prescription.

Once your skin is calm and no longer inflamed, the next step is to use a fade cream. Fade cream helps lighten any areas of your face and skin that may have darkened because of acne scars. Most of them are available over the counter and work very well.

Laser Treatments

Also known as laser resurfacing, laser treatments use laser beams to destroy the outer layer of skin and get rid of acne scars. While the skin heals after the treatment, new skin grows reversing the signs of acne scars. There are several types of lasers used, but the stronger the laser the better the result and the greater the healing.

 Tissue Fillers

Some people opt to use tissue fillers to heal acne scars. Tissue fillers utilize collagen by injecting it underneath the skin into scars to fill them out, thereby repairing the scars and making them less visible. The downside of this treatment is the fact that you’ll have to continue injections overtime to keep up the results.


Aqua Cleanse

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*individual results may vary

Aqua cleansing is a popular treatment option for acne scar repair here at Kowayo Aesthetic. This treatment involves unclogging blocked ducts and exfoliating dead skin cells without any painful extraction. The triple-solution jet therapy is repeated to give an ultra-deep cleanse to the skin and is perfect for those with clogged pores, enlarged pores and accumulated sebum.


In some rare cases, the only real way to remove deep-set acne scars is to undergo surgery. Fortunately, this is a minor surgery that simply uses punch excision, and cuts out each individual acne scar. Stitches then hold the skin together so it heals appropriately.

Prescription Retinoids

Superficial scarring and discoloration can be minimized by prescription retinoids. Often times exfoliating simply won’t cut it for reducing scars, and when that happens you may need to turn to prescription methods. Retinoids help build collagen under the skin which can plump up scars and heal the skin from underneath.

In the end, your skin is unique, and if you cannot find the right treatment option, you may very well need to seek a professional’s help.