EnCurve is a safe, non-invasive, non-surgical and touch-free treatment that allows you to shape your body comfortably and effectively within a few weeks, giving you fast visible results and reveals your curves. EnCurve’s targeted shortwave technology induces your body to remove fat naturally without touching your skin. Shaping your body with enCurve does not interfere with your daily routine. Once the treatment is finished, you can continue your day uninterrupted.

EnCurve helps you bring out your curves in the comfort of a clinic bed. Just arrive at the clinic and relax while enCurve works on sculpting your curves. With a short treatment time of only 40 minutes for the abdomen and flanks or back and 30 minutes for your arm or leg, and your body will start to dispose of fat cells naturally. You will start to notice the difference even from the 2nd session onwards.

Features of EnCurve

EnCurve has a number of smart features that makes it the most effective and appealing body contouring treatment in the market today. First of all, enCurve is able to treat large areas of the body at one time. EnCurve’s large applicator is designed to treat wider areas of the body such as the abdomen, waistline and back for a more natural, homogeneous appearance. The ideal session time is 40 minutes for each large area.

Secondly, enCurve also treats arms and legs. The small applicator is designed to treat the arms and thighs for more effectiveness and definition. One session per limb will take 30 minutes, making the treatment an hour if you should choose to do two limbs.

Third of all, the enCurve treatment is customized for your body. During the session, the body’s resistance can constantly change and reduce the amount of radiofrequency that reaches the fat cells. The enCurve machine periodically measures the body resistance during the session and adjusts the power output accordingly for optimal results.

Lastly, patients will not be sweating throughout the process of the enCurve treatment. Sweating while the treatment is ongoing reduces the efficacy of radiofrequency. To eliminate sweat and make sure the optimal treatment is delivered, the enCurve machine periodically blows air on the treated area to dry up any sweat.