Time is scarce in this day and age due to work and other engagement. This leads to us neglecting our body. Taking care of the body yields multiple benefits, both physically and mentally. Showers can be a start to take care of the body, as it cleanses and makes one feels good and fresh. Other means of taking care of the body could mean exercise as it helps to keep a person fit, including the mind.

Kowayo believes that everyone deserves a chance to look good and feel good about themselves., no matter how busy they are. Dr Wong has procedures and treatments that lead to a slimmer body. As mentioned, time is an important factor in this day and age. Some prioritise their time to work, while others perhaps partying or studying. Kowayo aims to help people achieve their ideal body should they not have the time to exercise.

Zimmer Z Lipo Cryolipolysis

This procedure is a combination of Cryo-lipolysis by Zimmer Z Lipo and Z Wave Pro Shockwave therapy. It reduces stubborn fat and contours the body by eliminating cellulite. It targets fat deposits and cools them down, leading to a destruction of fat cells. It is also known as fat freezing. Cryo-Lipolysis by Zimmer Z Lipo is pain-free with no side effects. It is also considered safe and non-invasive.

Multipolar Radio Frequency

Kowayo’s technologically advanced and cutting-edge Multipolar Radio Frequency with SS Technology treats Stubborn Fat Pockets at the tummy, thighs, arms and love handles. It has low downtime and non-invasive while recovery is quick with mild redness. Kowayo is also 1 out of 2 Platinum Status Centres of Excellence to provide this medical-grade treatment in Singapore.

Other than the above treatments, Kowayo has a variety of treatments that can suit you. You can contact them and arrange for a consultation where Dr Wong can recommend bespoke solutions that will enhance your aesthetic features.