Placenta Stem Cell Nutrient

Non-invasive & painless

For skin whitening and rejuvenation

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Kowayo’s Premium Facial, the Aqua Luminous, is the ultimate rejuvenation and whitening skin treatment that provides potent anti-oxidant protection and uses the highest quality anti-ageing ingredients*. If treatment is successful, this shields skin from free radicals and premature ageing, boosts collagen production, provides deep hydration and gives a fairer, refreshed appearance. Aqua Luminous contains a unique concoction of Placenta Stem Cells, Anti-oxidants and Vitamins to produce a powerhouse effect towards creating younger, firmer skin while reducing the effects of sun damage and ageing*.

Formulated by doctors, this treatment is recommended for whitening & brightening, reducing pigmentation, boosting collagen production, improving find lines and rejuvenating dry and dull skin.

*individual results may vary

This skin-pleasing facial starts with

  •  Face cleansing to remove makeup or skin dirt
  • Machine-assisted facial scrub for deep cleansing
  • Medical-grade multipolar RF with patented magnetic field rejuvenation and collagen stimulation
  • Application of the Placenta Stem Cell cocktail using electroporation.
  • Treatment ends with a soothing anti-oxidant facemask.

The treatment is non-invasive and painless. It takes about 60mins. Suitable for all skin types, especially those seeking skin whitening and anti-ageing.

For intense whitening & accelerated rejuvenation treatment*, ask for Kowayo’s Snow White version.

*individual results may vary

Collagen Skin

*individual results may vary

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