Cellulite is persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin. This is commonly found on the buttocks and thigh areas of women. Stretch marks are caused by distension of the skin, usually as a result of slimming down. Both tend to be very common post-pregnancy issues.

However, cellulite and stretch marks become a big problem when slim women cannot afford to lose any more weight in their arms and torso experience fat building up in their buttocks and legs. This causes women to become “pear-shaped” and is a tough problem to fix.

Although good diet and exercise can help you get rid of the fat underneath, there’s no real way to tighten the skin on top.

How It Works


Kowayo’s Venus Legacy is specially designed to help reduce cellulite and get rid of unsightly stretch marks within 6-8 weeks.

Using mini hand-held applicators, the Venus Legacy is uniquely designed to be able to target very specific areas for treatment. This ensures best results for problem areas. It is one of few such machines available in Singapore.

The therapist gently moves a heated handpiece over the target area. Multi-polar RF, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and VariPulse Technology delivers consistent energy over your skin to produce a heat matrix, stimulating the body’s natural healing response. Collagen synthesis is increased without any pain.


It is a scientifically proven technique that is FDA approved for skin tightening and fat reduction. It also shows significant improvements in cellulite reduction and skin exhibits a healthy appearance from the 1st session.

Results (Cellulite Reduction)




Results (Reducing Stretch Mark)




Downtime & Recovery

The non-surgical and non-invasive nature of Kowayo’s Venus Legacy treatment means there is NO PAIN and absolutely ZERO RECOVERY TIME. Patients are able to see results after just 1 session.

Kowayo is proud to be 1 of only 2 Platinum Status Centres of Excellence to provide this multiple award-winning treatment in Singapore.