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Coolsculpting and Icebody Shaping

Ice Body Shaping is an upgraded form of coolsculpting in Singapore.

Our Ice Body Shaping fat freeze is a specialised professional body sculpting technology that provides 2 major functions: Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze, and Lymphatic drainage.

Cryolipolysis, or commonly known as fat freezing in Singapore, is an effective way to spot reduce fat on the body*.

However, by combining the coolsculpting effect of cryolipolysis fat freezing treatment with lymphatic drainage, we can double the effectiveness and the efficacy*. Ice Body Shaping fat freezing treatment in Singapore is an excellent non-invasive and safe fat reduction process that upon successful treatment, promotes increased metabolism while reducing fat.

*individual results may vary

Singapore Fat Freeze and Cyrolipolysis

Using integrated technology, our medical-grade fat freezing cryolipolysis procedure has been clinically proven to eliminate fat, reduce cellulite and result in smoother & less dimpled skin. Althought individual results may vary, this coolsculpting treatment in Singapore is non-invasive, painless and has no downtime.

The results of Kowayo’s fat freeze technology treatment can be seen after just 1 session*. Based on your personal situation and condition, it is recommended that a medical professional assesses you first and advises you on the correct number of coolsculpting sessions. The photos on this page depict the results that a patient can expect from lymphatic drainage combined with coolsculpting fat freeze in Singapore.

*results of fat freezing treatments in Singapore can vary based on the individual.

Alternative cryolipolysis treatments

We also have another form of Cryolipolisis treatment that also effectively freezes fat for each patient. You can check it out at our page for Zimmer Z Lipo Cryolipolysis Treatment.

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*individual results may vary

Ice Body Fat Freeze 

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