The face is an important part of every person as it is the first point of interaction. From the face, one is able to deduce the state and emotions of the person. Generally, we are attracted to good-looking people. That is why many of us idolize actors, singers and influencers, with their chiselled face and good looks, they draw in the crowds. Wanting to good should not be limited to genetics. With the advancement in science and technology, Kowayo is able to enhance the way we look.

We sometimes want to look like a certain idols, perhaps the higher nose bridge, but does it suit us? Dr Wong is on hand to provide consultations and recommendations that will better suit our faces. As there could be many parts of the face where we might be unsatisfied with, Dr Wong is able to provide an array of treatments that will suit you the best.

Dark Eye Circles

For the busy people, rest is scarce and late nights are frequent. This leads to dark eye circles which are difficult to rectify. Dark eye circles give off a lethargic appearance and to rectify it requires rest, with the effect not being immediate. Kowayo’s treatment involves targetting the tear trough with HA fillers which lightens the condition and rejuvenates it.


As we grow older, age unfortunately diminishes some of our skin’s properties. It gets saggier and sunken cheeks are caused. Sygmalift is a facelift that is non-invasive and painless. It stimulates the skin’s healing process and the collagen tissues are stimulated for skin rejuvenation. The results are the reduction in wrinkle and fine lines with an enhances V Shape face. The skin is also taut, resulting in a youthful skin tone.


Another sign of aging is diminished collagen which leads to wrinkles. An alternative and popular procedure at Kowayo is Ellanse. It is a type of dermal fillers which has four different options. Lasting from twelve months to four years. Ellanse’s benefits helps to correct wrinkles and folds by stimulating the body’s own collagen. This gives off a youthful look. Results are immediate and the downtime is minimal.


Fillers are well known in the aesthetic industry. Under Dr Wong’s skilled hands, he is able to recommend fillers for either the nose, temple, chin and cheek. This will help define areas of the face which you find lacking. The fillers helps to sharpen the chin, adds volumes to the cheeks and enhances the lips. The fillers are also bio-compatible, which is reversible should there be a need to.

For more information regarding the treatments, you can contact Kowayo to enquire about the different types of procedures that will enhance your features, resulting in a beautiful you.