Winner of Best Post-Natal Treatment by Singapore Women’s Weekly 2016

Improve Appearance of Stretch Marks

Medical-grade and Safe therapy

*individual results may vary

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Gold Standard for Stretch Marks Treatment

A gold standard in Stretch Mark treatment is available at Kowayo Aesthetic. It is safe for all skin types and has minimal downtime although individual results may vary.

Used by dermatologists all over the world, this medical-grade treatment uses Venus Viva combined with Smartscan™ technology.

It is an advanced cutting-edge technology that uses micro-focused fractional radiofrequency energy to improve the quality, texture and skintone of stretch marks.

Safe and Suitable for All Skin Types

As the RF technology is colorblind, all skin types from fair to dark skin can be treated.

This treatment is non-invasive and has little downtime. Recovery is quick with just mild redness. You can continue with your daily activities immediately.

After each session, successful patients can expect rejuvenation with tighter skin, improved texture and lightening of stretch marks.

Patient results




*individual results may vary

How does it work?

NanoFractional technology works by causing highly precise tiny wounds in the skin while leaving skin inbetween wounds intact. These intact skin areas act as reservoirs providing nutrients and scaffolding for new skin to form. This is far superior to traditional skin resurfacing technologies as it improves recovery, reduces downtime and yet is highly effective.

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Multi-Award Winning Treatment

Kowayo is proud to be 1 of 2 Platinum Status Centres of Excellence to provide this medical-grade treatment in Singapore.


sww2016Winner, Best Post-Natal Treatment by Singapore Women’s Weekly 2016

 Stretch Marks Treatment

6 + 1 Package  or 10 + 3 Package


Female body with the drawing arrows. Fat lose, liposuction and cellulite removal concept.

Kowayo’s Mummy Makeover – Lose FAT without liposuction with significant cellulite improvements and tummy tightening. Especially designed for post-pregnancy.


-New Advanced Technology from USA.

-Cleared by FDA for dermatological procedures requiring ablation and resurfacing of the skin.

-Proven Scientifically-based Results.

Recommended sessions: 1 to 2 sessions