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Regenera Activa Hair Cell Transfer

“Transfer your healthy hair cell to yourself”

The basic building blocks of every organ and tissue in our body are made up of cells. Research has shown great success in using cell technology to treat many kinds of diseases as well as in hair regrowth.

Regenera Activa, uses healthy hair follicle cells from your own scalp to stimulate areas that are losing hair. This process takes only 30mins which is only needed to be performed once a year.

Suitable For:

– Healthy men or women with no diseases of the scalp or the skin.

– Patients that are willing to improve their aesthetic condition.

For Men Patient:

Suitable for male patients with the below hair loss pattern


From your own hair follicle cell


Hair loss area


Recover and prevent hair loss



Pain score:



once a year

For Female Patient:

Suitable for female patients with hair loss


There are more than 6000 patients worldwide that have been treated with this method since April 2015 (more than two years for protocol development).

It is fully compatible, beneficial and recommended.

It stabilizes the progression of androgenetic alopecia and also provides greater vitality to the affected hair.

It depends on each case: age, genetic input (number of genes for this pathology, which may determine the speed and the extent of alopecia). MICROSCOPICALLY, we can observe a significant reduction of the number of miniaturized hair within one month, and towards the FOURTH MONTH, we can observe changes in quality and number of hairs and a high hair density.

The only medical contraindication is an active infectious process in the scalp.

Poor results can be observed when androgenetic alopecia courses with very few miniaturized hairs or when the onset or progression of the signs is extremely fast. We may also obtain scarce results when treating a scalp undergoing an inflammation process or with concomitant pathologies such as effluviums.

There is still no scientific evidence to can explain it but research is focused on cellular communication.

Yes, but avoid sea and pools for a week.

There are many patients that had a single session and after 2 years still enjoy the achieved results. However, every patient is different and it is important to visit your doctor and perform a microscopic evaluation every year.

Yes, it is always beneficial to reinforce the treatment, even when there is not an urgent need.

Of course, hair follicles remaining in the recipient area can enjoy the benefits of Regenera® treatment.

Yes, indeed. It can be performed a few days before or after the micro graft procedure, although there are some physicians the prefer to do it at the same time for they claim the fall of the grafted follicles is reduced.

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