Novel pigment corrector consists of Cysteamine to treat hyperpigmentation. 

Cysteamine is a natural metabolite of cysteine, an amino acid that exist naturally in our body. It helps in regulating melanin synthesis in the skin and subsequently improves skin pigmentation and complexion.

Cyspera Intensive Pigment Corrector - Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Benefits of Cyspera

Clinically Proven Results

67% pigment reduction after 16 weeks of usage.

90% of users noticed moderate to significant improvements.

Pigmentation Correction - Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Cyspera Has No Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching agent which can remove pigment effectively by decreasing the number of melanocytes (cells produce melanin). However, prolonged use of hydroquinone is associated with several side effects such as worsening of pigmentation, hypopigmentation, skin irritation and redness. Cyspera, which is hydroquinone-free, is safe for long-term use.

Application Steps

Do Not Wash Face BEFORE Application

Use the product on rested skin. A thin layer of natural oil on the face is needed to enhance the result. Best time to apply the cream is right after waking up in the morning or 1 hour after removing make up.

15 mins Only

Apply a thin layer of Cyspera on the skin for 15 minutes. It can be applied all over the face, with slightly more on the pigmented area. Mild warming or tingling sensation may occur.

Wash Off

Remove Cyspera with facial cleanser. Do not leave on the product for more than 15 minutes as you may not get better result that way.

Adequate Moisturizer & Sunscreen

Moisturize the area and maintain skin hydration throughout the day. Daily use of high SPF sunscreen is recommended for sun protection.

What to expect?

Visible improvements in skin complexion and pigmentation can be observed after 6 weeks of daily application. The key to maintaining it is through consistent application of the product.


People with sensitive skin may experience mild redness, dryness and irritation. If it happens, you should wash away the product earlier than 15 minutes and gradually increase the duration over the next few weeks.

Ensure you follow the instructions:

–  Do not wash face right before Cyspera application
–  Leave-on time not more than 15 minutes
–  Adequate moisturizer and sunscreen

Yes. It is expected to have mild tingling sensation especially during the first few days of use.

No. This is not recommended to avoid unwanted side effects.

Cyspera is safe for long term use. It is unnecessary to combine with other whitening or pigment cream.